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Unbelievable! [May. 13th, 2010|10:30 am]
[Current Mood |shockedshocked]

Things went well at the fertility clinic, pretty much exactly as I'd predicted. We were given another appointment in three months and I was set a target of another stone in weight to drop.

Not that that matters any more. I've felt a bit funny the last few days. It's now two weeks since we inseminated, but of course, we've got no idea when I actually ovulated. I clearly did though, because this morning I did a test. I was expecting it to be negative and enable me to put it out my mind again, but it wasn't! It's only faint, but there is a second line. It's extremely early days (probably about three and a half weeks) so we just need to keep testing and hoping that line gets stronger, but my goodness, there's a second line!

It took us three and a half years to get pregnant with Ember. Eighteen cycles of inseminations. What are we doing getting a positive test on our second attempt for a sibling?

[User Picture]From: jasonelvis
2010-05-13 09:31 am (UTC)
Oh my giddy aunt! Fingers crossed for a stronger and stronger line!
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[User Picture]From: nonbiomum
2010-05-13 11:24 am (UTC)
Very very giddy. Maybe it's the week for exciting baby news...
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[User Picture]From: easttowestpoppy
2010-05-13 01:45 pm (UTC)
OMG I am squealing over here!!!!!!

Fingers and toes crossed that he keeps getting stronger.

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[User Picture]From: nonbiomum
2010-05-13 04:10 pm (UTC)
Is that 'he' a prediction? ;)
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[User Picture]From: easttowestpoppy
2010-05-13 07:25 pm (UTC)
Ha! A Freudian slip. I meant to write "it" but yeah in my mind I picture a boy so there you go it is out there that is my prediction.
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