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So far so good [May. 17th, 2010|08:39 am]
It's been five days now and we're still getting positive pregnancy tests with progressively darker lines on them. My boobs feel pretty much ready to explode and the period style cramps have stepped up a notch. I'm a bit more relaxed about that this time because I remember how painful they were in the first few weeks last time. It feels like a positive sign now, albeit an uncomfortable one.

I rang our clinic, but because we weren't having the scans to monitor ovulation this time we're not eligible for an early scan so the first confirmation we'll get that all is well is at 12 weeks with the dating scan. We've talked about this and after the faff of the last pregnancy we've decided that we'll probably have that scan for peace of mind but decline future scans, unless there is some genuine medical reason for them that we feel as strong about as the medics. We'll wait and see of course - we might feel quite different when that time comes around, but that's the current plan. I've now rung the doctor and I have an appointment tomorrow to confirm the pregnancy and get signed up with the midwifery team. We're going to start off under the NHS midwife team - they are generally pretty good round here, but we've already talked about how we can cobble together the money for an independent midwife if we feel we need it. It feels very bizarre making birth plans all of a sudden, even tentative ones. The fact that I might be giving birth again in another eight months or so feels too alien a concept right now. If all goes well I will though. I've got time to get my head around that later though.

I am however spotting quite a bit. Last time I had a few hours of light spotting at around the time of implantation. I've been getting it on and off for five days now. It'd had moments of being quite dark but it's mostly light and the pregnancy tests are clearly indicating my Hcg level is rising which is the most important thing. I know that spotting in pregnancy is common but having not had much at all last time it is a little unnerving. If it continues I might try to wangle an early scan at around 6-7 weeks from the early pregnancy unit. At least by then there should be a heartbeat and I know that once we've seen that the miscarriage risk drops dramatically.

Anyway, this is all in the future. Right now we're just trying to take one day at a time. I'm aware that I might start to feel really quite unwell in the next few weeks so I'm trying to plan ahead. We're off to buy potties today so that potty training can begin in earnest. I don't fancy the combination of morning sickness and pooey nappies very much.

This is getting very rambly, but that's probably a good indication of where I'm at right now. In every way but one life continues as normal, but that one thing is both huge and everyday at the same time - and too early to take too seriously yet. Let's just hope this one sticks around and we can start taking it seriously before long.

[User Picture]From: easttowestpoppy
2010-05-17 04:00 pm (UTC)
Sending positive thoughts. I enjoy getting these updates!
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