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Just a quickie [Sep. 28th, 2010|02:50 pm]
Things are ticking along. Work has been mad recently which has left little time for baby thinking space, but things are progressing. I'm getting bigger by the day and for the last few days the baby has clearly settled in one position because whenever I sit down at the computer I get a flurry of kicks in the same place on the right side of my tummy. They're very visible as well as feel-able from the outside which is good fun, but they're now beginning to get hard enough to get uncomfortable after a little while. I wouldn't change it for the world. :)

In three days time we'll hit 24 weeks. Officially viable. We really are going to have another baby soon.

The chaos of the coming year is already tangible. With P in a new, very full on job with regular overtime I'm not sure how we're going to get through it. I'm sure we'll manage but I'm anticipating a very chaotic time for a while. I'm already very much the home side of the partnership, doing all the shopping, cooking and most of the housework, plus all the daytime kid-care when E isn't at play group. I'm going to have an extra kid in the mix soon with not a great amount of additional support from P - not through choice I hasten to add. Last time, she had 10 weeks off work right after I gave birth. We knew we were really lucky to be able to negotiate that, but it will make the barely two weeks we'll get this time feel painfully short.

Fortunately my parents now live down the road instead of a few hours away and they've already said they'll help out as much as they can. I'm so grateful for that, but I can't help wishing it could be P instead of my folks that get to hang out and help out at home those first couple of months. She's going to miss so much.

[User Picture]From: easttowestpoppy
2010-09-28 11:33 pm (UTC)
24 weeks! my time flies.

It will be very tough. Is she working far away?

But you are so blessed to have your parents nearby now. I wish for that all the time. We are finding it harder and harder not to have someone we can rely on if Scott gets sick during school hours or when he has a day off and we don't. Life with kids but as you say, wouldn't change it for a minute!
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